WiFi Marketing Solutions

WiFi Marketing Solutions in Dubai, UAE

WiFi Marketing Solutions

GIC Networks provides you the best WiFi Marketing Solutions. WiFi marketing is efficient and cost-effective at the same time. Lead generation through WiFi is very simple process. Your guests have to use their email id or social media logins to get access to the WiFi. There are your leads. We provide custom captive portals that will have your branding all over it. These captive portals will have multiple authentication methods including phone numbers, email ids, social logins etc. Social WiFi is a very powerful marketing tool. This will help you to increase your social reach and engagement. Social WiFi also encourages users to talk about your business or product, like your Facebook page perhaps, review your product. The benefits of WiFi marketing solutions are numerous.

Increasing Conversions

- Use your WiFi to run direct marketing campaigns.
-Treat your loyal customers with offers.
- Display your banners or products

Analysis and Insights

GIC Networks provides you dashboards to manage your WiFi marketing solutions. Access the report of your marketing campaigns and loyalty campaigns from this dashboard. WiFi usage statistics and response to your campaign will give you insights on customer behavior thus helping you devise your marketing strategy to target interested prospects. Contact us now for the best WiFi marketing solutions.

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