Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber optic solutions in Dubai

We offer fiber optic solutions all over the United Arab Emirates. Our expert team members have taken on several projects such as structured cabling, network cabling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We work closely with our customers when implementing their strategies for communication technology.

Data transfer rate, security, and reliability are the main concerns in cabling works which most of the companies can’t promise. We make sure that our clients are pretty happy after each fiber optic cabling works that we do.

What types of cabling services we do?

  • We provide cabling solutions for both data and voice communications.
  • Our cabling works include fiber optic, CAT-5e, CAT-6e etc.
  • We provide patch panels, server cabinets from wall mount type to larger rack units.
  • Our company also provides data center solutions, smaller server rack fixing, residential and commercial data cable solutions in Dubai.

Our scope of services

GIC Networks company provides a wide range of services as explained below. Our clientele enjoys the best services in the installation of fiber optic solutions. We have extended our reach to many parts of the UAE by offering the most current optical and networking communication technology.Our professional team has earned credits for three consecutive times for offering service in the installation of fiber optic cable networks, structured cabling, wireless services and solutions, and also Ethernet switching.

As a company, we have partnered with the most brands in the industry to ensure that the best fiber optic systems are installed in your office or home. They include Avaya, Austin Hughes, 3M, Siemon, and Nexans. GIC Networks offers you efficient, customized and flexible fiber optic cabling services in the UAE, utilizing its talented and experienced technical engineers. We believe that once your roots are mighty, your business venture flourishes in the smartest way possible. Therefore, it is crucial to plan and set up a solid foundation for your business.

We integrate both cabling and networking solutions with the most advanced infrastructures to bring a great deal of success for your business. At GIC Networks, the demand for data transmission consistently paves the way to select the best fiber optic cabling that will suit your needs.

We are experts in Fiber optic cabling services in UAE

Our company has a long track record of best performance in fiber optic cabling services, and therefore, you rest assured that you will benefit from the company more than you want. It is crucial to have the right fiber optic cables from the start because it will enable you to cope up with both the current and the future network necessities.We have a talented workforce at GIC Networks, who have a perfect understanding of what your needs are, and hence, they strive to work towards delivering the best solutions to your doorstep.

Our team of experts makes sure that only flexible and effective fiber optic cabling networks will be installed on your business premises or home. Our installation service is high-speed and free of any trouble. Regardless of how tricky, unique or any other situation, the most current and cost-saving fiber optic solutions will be suitable for you. In addition to that, they will also take you to the top of your competitors in the market.

Get It Done The Smart Way With GIC Networks Fiber Optic Cabling

Through an excellent approach, our skilled team has continuously made efforts to make our techniques more modernized and also modifiable. In addition to that, we have mainly recruited professionals who have vast knowledge and experience in fiber optic cabling solutions for your home or business needs.

Our scope of fiber optic services is timely, dependent and available at whatever time you may need them. We charge very fair prices relative to our competitors in the market. Therefore, you will obtain the best services at notably lower costs. With those offerings, your decision to buy our products in fiber optic cabling would be worth. Indeed, it is worth noting that our installation services in fiber optic solutions match with the paradigm of shift in digital communications. In addition to that, GIC Networks team promises to consider all your requirements first before starting the installation. We understand that business needs vary from customer to customer. Our fiber optic cabling services are customized to meet specific needs.

Above all, we deploy our technicians at regular time intervals to inspect the fiber optic networks and carry out the necessary maintenance at your convenience. We aim at achieving uninterrupted network connectivity in your office or business.

The One-Stop Shop For Fiber Optic Solutions

Do you know what fiber optic solutions mean? If not, relax. We are here to define it.

Fiber optic means the technology which aids in the fastest transmission of data and information in the form of light pulses via a fiber connection, which is composed of plastic or glass. It has a massive amount of data which is not easily vulnerable to interference by electromagnetic waves.

Traditional networking systems have been considered to be obsolete and hence, replaced by the fiber optic cabling networks. Fiber optic cables are utilized in television, telephone, and internet connectivity. However, it does not imply that these systems will not be prone to any problems. The users of these networking systems have been facing many issues that are complex to solve. Most of the problems have been associated with the installation services they received.

Our professionals ensure that you will not face any issue with the fiber optic cabling in your home or business. You can reach out to us to get the best installation services for fiber optics. We operate in many locations across the United Arab Emirates.