Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling & Networking Services in Dubai

Cabling is the core part any networks. Data transmission is done through network cables from one end to another. Mostly internet service provider would enable their service nearby the building and additional cabling is required to do depending on the number of ports needed in the premises. Data is transferred between routers, switches, data storages, and IP phones. We are one of the leading cabling companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Structured cabling is a process that consists of many different procedures as follows.

  • Laying cables
  • Installation of face-plates
  • Connecting network connectors in the adapters
  • Mounting network cabinets or server racks
  • Depending on the request of clients we do UTP/STP fiber optics
  • Finally testing the connection at each network port.

Structured Cabling UAE

The twisted pair of cabling is an essential element of a robust network framework.GIC Networks has a rich experience in the design and installation of a variety of structured cabling systems in the United Arab Emirates. We have the best elements in our solutions, outsourced from the top manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

Structured cabling UAE- Network Cabling

Network cables are utilized in connecting devices that run on network and also in the transmission of information between routers, IP phones, data storage, switched devices, and any other network supported device.GIC Networks is a full service structured cabling provider, equipped with the right workforce for designing and installing the network cables in the UAE.We offer a variety of services to businesses, and these include the following: laying of the cables, installing the connector which comprises the faceplates, networks cabinets and also we do testing of the structured cables.

Based on your requirement, there are options for the network cabling that we can install. For example, unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair screened foil unshielded pair and multimode or single mode fiber optic cables.Our company is the leading structured cabling company in the United Arab Emirates. We provide dependable connectivity framework for your firm or home, which enhances proper transferring of data and information.Team GIC Networks ensures that data cabling is effective on the quality of data and management of the project.

We incorporate the critical elements in our service. These components comprise the data cabling and voice cabling for your network. Honestly, you will always depend on us as the best network cabling service provide across the United Arab Emirates. Our technical team is determined to ensure 100 percent satisfaction among our clientele.We provide outstanding network cabling services in the UAE, which makes us the leading company in structured cabling across many cities in this region.Our technical engineers are specialized in designing and installing the structured cabling systems while laying a lot of emphasis on the new construction and relocation of corporate entities.

GIC Networks can offer its excellent service regardless of the size of your office or residential home. We provide copper and fiber cable networking cabling solutions that are essential in communication over the local area network.Similarly, our talented and skilled team of structured cabling technicians have vast knowledge and experience in practical, large scale and commercial installations, building, corporate relocation and escalation of the networks.We make commercial and industrial mobility networks readily available to our customers. We offer a variety of services and products that can be distributed to any location across the United Arab Emirates.

We are entirely able to offer data, video, and voice cabling services which will make sure that clear and seamless transfer of data and information and communication via the cabling systems are maintained at all times after we install the systems. The networks cabling systems can transfer up to 10 GB to personal computers and other data stations.We always comply with the law in our scope of services since we are a certified company in the United Arab Emirates.Our company assures you of high-quality products that comply with the industry standards. We provide certain warranties that vary depending on the product and other detailed descriptions.Therefore, have a look at the common types of cables and structured cabling products that we offer.

Types of Cables and structured cabling

The most ordinary network cable type that we offer in the market is the twisted pair type. This is applicable in most of the connectivity for many Ethernet networks. Fiber optic cables can be used in the place where there is a need for high bandwidth or when the cable length needed for connectivity is more than what a UTP cable can manage.

Shielded Unshielded Twisted Pair Cabling

It can prevent the alien crosstalk via a shield. This cable can also resist deformation and therefore, enhances restrictive installation activity. Smaller cable diameter allows for a higher density of fill.

Shielded with foil Twisted Pair Wiring

These cables constitute of copper. They are suitable for network cabling in residential and commercial buildings that are subject to high-level interference by electric current. They can eliminate the chance of crosstalk between the cables and pairs.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cabling can be considered to be the best network cabling connection for data centers. It is available in multimode and single mode. Multimode fiber optic cabling allows many light modes. Single mode fiber optic cabling enhances a single pathway of light to traverse within the fiber.

Why Choose us as Cabling company in the UAE?

Honestly, we take networking and structured cabling to a new height through our top-notch services. We design the structured cabling and data cabling solutions with extremely high quality, and that fits with the modern bandwidth requirement for most businesses.

Structured Cabling and wiring

Whether you got a new construction project that requires to be fully cabled or you got a current building or office which needs some additional data connections, we can offer you with the best-structured cabling that will cater for all your needs.

GIC Networks is a certified installer for all the cables types such a cat 5e, cat 6, network cables, low voltage cables, data cables, and fiber optic cables. We have a qualified and determined team of professionals who will ensure that you get professional data and voice network cabling and wiring solutions. We always coordinate with the management companies, architects, business owners, and construction contractors.

Our full range of cabling and wiring solutions include the following:

  • Network and data cabling: we can configure the systems after following a thorough design process for seamless integration and communication between man communication devices via the cat 5e, fiber optic and cat 6 cables.
  • Communication cabling: this will enhance integration of the in-office landline telephones.
  • Server Rack cabling: professionally arranged and labeled cabling which revolves around the data center racks.
  • Cable and wiring repair and maintenance services: we can diagnose and repair the problems, as well as provide up-gradation of the enhancements for the existing systems.

We have a highly trained team of technical engineers who will install the low voltage cables, implement the full service for the advanced systems.