Which Type of Internet Connectivity is Right for Your Business?

At Gulaga Networks, we know that your business requires a reliable, fast & cost-effective internet solution. We also understand that all of the options out there for businesses can be confusing and daunting with technical jargon such as symmetrical or uncontended speeds. So to help you find what kind of connectivity is right for your company no matter where it may fall in size (home office or larger organisation) here’s an easy breakdown of what each type offers. 

Broadband & Fibre Connections 

Business Broadband (ADSL) 

Business Broadband is like residential broadband, but it’s prioritised so your connection won’t slow down during peak times. You’ll be able to get up to 24Mbps for a cost-effective internet option and make sure every member of the staff has an easy time working from home!

Bonded Broadband 

Bonded broadband is 4 times faster than standard ADSL and works by rolling multiple internet connections into one. It combines up to four lines, creating a single high-speed connection with speeds of 40 Mbps download speed and uploads at 8Mbps. Bonded offers more resilience when compared to your average DSL line because if there’s an outage on any particular cable the remaining three are still fully operational – making sure that your business stays connected all day long!

Superfast Business Fibre (FTTC)

The business broadband market is constantly changing and it’s important that you keep up. Superfast fibre offers faster download speeds, upload speeds, reliability at peak times (even if many people are using the same connection), and a constant high speed of connectivity for all your cloud systems – something ADSL cannot offer. It can be installed in as little time as 10 days without interrupting service to make upgrading easy for both yourself and your team members. This type of super-fibre has been shown to increase productivity by an average of 30% while also cutting down staff turnover rates by 50%.

For large businesses, Ethernet connections are the way to go. They’re more reliable than other types of connections and you won’t have to worry about sharing your connection with any competitors or outside entities!


Ethernet Connections 

EFM – Ethernet First Mile 

Ethernet First Mile is an affordable way to deliver a dedicated line for your business with identical download and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. What’s more, the connection will be solely used by you so that it won’t compete with users at peak times who are trying to use their bandwidth too! If Ethernet Over Fibre isn’t right for you because of its lack of affordability or commitment needed from the installation side, then EFM can offer peace of mind knowing that we have guaranteed 99.95% uptime backed by our 6 hour fix time if something goes wrong on one component line – even though this rarely happens as most lines work seamlessly without any issues.

Leased Line – Ethernet over Fibre 

As a business, you need to have the fastest and most reliable connections for your needs. A leased line will give you symmetrical speeds up to 1-gigabit uploads and downloads with scalable bandwidth from 10 Mbps all the way up to 1 Gb! Leased lines are backed by our industry-leading 4 hour fix time so if anything goes wrong we’ll get it fixed in no time at all.

For more information on the Right Internet Connectivity for your Business, Contact Gulaga Netorks

The type of internet connectivity that your business needs depend on the size and complexity of your company. To determine what level is right for you, take a look at our guide to deciding which type of broadband service is best for your business. If after reading this article you still need help in determining the right solution, feel free to contact Gulaga Networks today; we are happy to answer any questions about our services or provide advice tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of your enterprise – espeically if you are looking for a broadband that will support WebRTC API!