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Fiber optic cable is quickly becoming the standard data transfer medium by replacing older technologies like cable and DSL. Technical expertise and prices are two of the most important factors to consider when looking for fiber optic installation services. Protection from communicable diseases like COVID-19 is also a high priority as this pandemic continues to spread. Gulaga Networks installs fiber optic cable for businesses of all sizes, with projects ranging from small businesses to large industrial facilities.


Each optical fiber in a bundled cable is slightly thicker than a human hair. Their most common application is in communications where the fibers are used transmit light, which is modulated so that it can carry information. The greatest advantages of fiber optic cable over metal wiring are that the signals don’t degrade with distance, nor are they subject to electromagnetic interference.


Optical fiber is therefore able to carry signals over longer distances and higher bandwidth than metal wiring. The lower number of repeaters thus makes optical fiber a more economical choice as the transmission distance increases. The data transmission rate of optical fiber depends on the specific deployment, but 10 to 40 Gbit/s is typical.


A fiber-optic network provides modern businesses with connectivity speeds that are superior to that of cable and DSL. The quality and and service availability of fiber optic cable is also better, providing a great improvement in bandwidth-intensive applications like video and voice. Gulaga Networks fiber optic solutions can also handle Software as a Service (SaaS), which is rapidily becoming the most common model for delivering computing resources.


Cloud services that derive the most benefit from fiber-optic cable include collaboration, contact centers and VoIP phone systems. Collaboration software is particularly demanding of bandwidth, as it requires both audio and visual components. Remote conferencing and presentations are becoming routine occurences as the current pandemic continues, making these capabilities necessities rather than luxuries.


It’s also important for businesses to use a fiber optic service that’s customized for its uniques needs, including size and applications. A one-size-fits-all approach is no longer a viable strategy now that even small businesses need the bandwidth of fiber optic cable. Gulaga Networks has experts that can help match you up with a package that meets your bandwidth needs.


We can provide support and monitorying for our fiber-optic networks by installing a carrier-grade data switch on-premise. Your existing LAN or other network equipment can then connect to the switch with a Category 5 cable. We can also actively monitor your connection and troubleshoot issues remotely, often before the problem impacts users.


Installer Mark Hendry brings the highest level of professionalism to Gulaga Network’s services. He has years of experience with cable installations.


In addition to single- and multimode fiber optic distributions for offices, Mark’s extensive knowledge of cabling allows Gulaga Networks to install all types of structure wiring from public announcement (PA) systems to bringing fiber optic cable to desktops. Gulaga Networks can also provide copper cabling with up to 1,800 pairs as well as Cat 5e cabling and higher. Additional services include installations of CCTV systems and thermal cameras.


The COVID-19 outbreak has caused some changes in how Gulaga Networks provides its services. Gulaga Networks is actively monitoring this rapidly developing situation and its impact on our customers as part of our business plan. We regularly test our ability to provide the highest levels of service, while ensuring we take the appropriate measures needed our customers and employees.


Working from home is at least strongly encouraged during the pandemic and may be mandatory, depending on an employee’s specific specific role and current legal requirements. This practice isn’t entirely new to Gulaga Network, as it has been provisioning and allowing other types of work from home over the years. However, working from home has greatly increased for Gulaga Networks in 2020. Many staff members now work routinely from multiple locations, although employees must still coordinate their shifts to provide 24/7 customer support. In addition, we continue to look for new tools and solutions to assist with this new service model.


The installation of physical hardware like fiber optic cable can’t be performed remotely, so these tasks require additional measures to protect customers and employees from COVID-19. These include wearing face masks and social distancing, which generally involves maximizing the distance between people as much as practical. Typically, people who don’t live together should remain at least six feet apart. Wiping down commonly touched surfaces with an antiseptic is also a common practice for minimizing the risk of infection. Furthermore, Gulaga Networks has implemented a strict “no visitors” policy for all of its locations.


Computer security is another aspect of safety where Gulaga Networks protects its customers. These measures include, but aren’t limited to virtual private servers (VPNs), firewalls, encrypted communications and logins that require two-factor authentication. Gulaga Networks also performs regular backups, which are stored in remote data centers. Only employees with the appropriate permits may enter these and other Gulaga Networks facilities. We carefully limit the employees with these permits to those who have a need for such access.


Gulaga Networks doesn’t provide standard pricing on its services because each project is customized to the client. Our prices remain competitive because we’re based in Kingston, Ontario, which is a small city of about 120,000 people. The most significant cost variables are the length of fiber optic cable installed and the amount of fiber optic splicing. Other factors include testing and the cost of additional equipment like switches.