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Digital Media Services can be defined as any digitized content e.g. text, graphics, audio, bulk sms and video, that can be transmitted over internet, telephony or computer networks.

The whole business world has migrated online. The way businesses consume media & communicate with their clients and staff has changed drastically in the past few years, with more and more channels opening up all the time. The times when you could contact a company on a single channel only are now long gone. A customer contacting a business can pick one of many channels and expect the same level of service thanks to multi channel customer services.

Phone, Text, Email, Bulk SMS, Live Chat, Social Media, Web Site Self Service, Video Conferencing, Webinar and Skype are just a few of the communications channels for businesses to consider.

Equally logistics and supply chains rely heavily on omni-channel strategies. They are the key enablers to consistently and cost-effectively deliver personalized service and flexible, efficient fulfillment.

Gulaga is at the forefront of delivering enabling platforms and tools for businesses in support of their digital media strategy such as SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing and Alerts Platform

No other marketing channel can boast 97% open rates. So whether your business is established or brand new, you can enjoy substantial growth and improve customer satisfaction with SMS text messaging. Send out delivery notifications, surveys, personalised vouchers and engaging competitions, directly to a customer’s smartphone.

With better open rates than social, email and direct mail – your message, promotion, reminder or alert will be read within minutes

Small and medium sized businesses face a number of challenges when trying to compete against larger competitors who have significantly more to spend on their marketing budget.

We live in a chaotic mobile world, contacting your target audience with a personalised message at the right time has never been more crucial.

Text messaging or bulk sms is an easy and effective way to send important personalised messages to individuals or large groups. Whether you want to inform college students and parents of closures, or send hospital appointment reminders to patients, SMS is a smart and quick way to improve communications and keep people informed. Especially when greater than 90% of all text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received.

Bulk SMS marketing and messaging is used by sports organisations, charities, community interest groups and other membership organisations of all sizes to boost their member engagement. Text messaging is low-cost and cuts straight through the noise to reach recipients instantly and effectively. Text is simply the most effective way to deliver personalised messages, tickets, alerts or even cancellations about events.

A key challenge facing organisations is engaging with their members, staff, or clients in an increasingly digital world. The text messages you send will take just four seconds to reach someones mobile phone.

  • Instantly inform people when situations change
  • Deliver images, videos, and many other types of content
  • Messages can be easily personalised with contact details
  • Reach contacts anywhere in the world and at any time of day

Why not try it out by signing up for some free credits on our bulk sms marketing service, by clicking here and setting up your own account ?

Visual Automated Attendant for any Website

A company’s website is their advert to the business world and it’s where most interaction starts. Since most calls are already preceded by a website visit, why take a chance of the customer dialling the wrong number, hanging up, getting a busy tone or being routed to the incorrect department.

Most auto attendants, menu trees and IVR prompts drive callers crazy. Callers either love them or hate them. Why not offer a solution to your clients that everyone will love?

Visual Attendant enables Click-to-Connect capability from any website and from any web page allowing real-time customer interactions.  The transition from a webpage visit to a real-time voice experience is seamless; the customer is instantly connected to the right person/department as a result of their selection of menu options before starting a voice call.

The customer saves time and no longer needs to listen to the lengthy, complex automated attended menus with long wait times, requiring either ‘touch-tone selections’ or ‘can you repeat, please’ requests to get connected.

There’s no more confusion and the customer accesses the information they need instantly.

Supported with a highly intuitive web portal, customers can easily set-up and implement interactive menus on their website in minutes. The drag and drop functionality allows businesses to simply create any set of click-to-call menu tree options, associate them with a simple button, and generate the embedded code to place the Visual Attendant button on any page on their website.

The latest WebRTC technology is utilised to connect customers but it is also capable of connecting legacy browsers and mobile users that aren’t yet WebRTC ready.