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High Quality Video Conferencing Solutions

At Gulaga Networks, we have been offering our video conferencing to customers for a number of years. As one of the video conferencing software providers in the UAE, we can offer affordable and reliable video conferencing solutions to our business customers throughout the UAE.

When it comes to needing video conference solutions in the UAE, be sure to make Gulaga Networks your first port of call. We offer a range of video software and one of our team will help you to choose the best and most affordable video systems for business.

Video Conferencing Services

Gulaga Networks’s line up of video solutions delivers radical simplicity to all your meeting rooms. You can now easily collaborate with dedicated in-room devices that work with all of the leading video platforms of today. With our video conferencing solutions you can be sure to experience board-room quality audio and advanced camera capabilities no matter your room size. Share your ideas and content onto the wall in seconds.

Ensure success and maximise the return on your investment in video conferencing collaboration solutions with Gulaga Networks’s video services. Our expert team can help address any critical gaps you may have in related experience and expertise, resulting in enhanced end-user and customer satisfaction, higher productivity and increase user adoption rates.

Our team will partner with you to design, deploy, support, optimise and manage a solution that delivers a superior experience in every workspace with an easy to use and consistent workflow.

With easy installation, easy management and easy to use. Gulaga Networks’s new line of video solutions puts the fun back into meetings.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a live, visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations using computer networks to transmit audio and video data for the purposes of communication.

A point-to-point (two people) video conferencing system works like a video telephone with the users’ voices being carried over the network and delivered to the other’s speaker together with the image.

Multipoint conferencing, on the other hand, allows three or more participants to sit in a virtual conference room and communicate with each other as if they were sitting next to each other.

How Can I Use Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing solutions offer clients available infrastructures in multiple different ways devices, making deployments scalable, secure and cost-effective. Some ways in which video conferencing can be used include:

  • Video Hardware – Video hardware is a physical device that is dedicated to video conferencing. These devices can be standards-based endpoints or back-end infrastructure from a range of manufacturers.
  • Soft Clients – These are video applications that can be downloaded onto a computer, smartphone or tablet. Participants can connect to a conference by simply launching the application and calling another user.
  • Cloud Services – Cloud services provide the infrastructure for video conferencing. This includes virtual meeting rooms to connect multiple participants along with device registration and personal video accounts.
  • WebRTC – Most video conferencing solution providers have WebRTC functionality which allows participants to connect to a video call through their browsers. Users only need a webcam and can then simply click on a link to join the conference.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

For businesses, the most significant benefits of video conferencing include savings on travel costs and expenses, optimised attendance, increased productivity and improved project times because of speedier communication between employees.

Some other benefits of video conferencing include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Stronger Relationships
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Travel
  • Improved Work/Life Balance
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Video Conferencing solutions provide face to face interaction among colleagues, business partners, and customers without the hassle of travel. With use of increased face-time strengthens relationships which can help drive productivity and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Gulaga Networks for Video Conferencing Solutions?

  • Honest advice – We want to see your business succeed and therefore we will always give our honest advice. Connectivity is a world full of acronyms causing confusion. We at Gulaga strive for simplicity and transparency and we explain everything in layman terms.
  • Tailored options – Our solutions range from commercial offices to data centres, serviced offices, retail outlets and everything in between. Our expert team will work with you to determine your individual data or network requirements, building structures, future network scaling and expansion needs and the required functionality of your structured cabling installation. We work with suppliers such as Openreach, Virgin, KCom, Nine Wholesale and Gamma to ensure a breath of options optimised to the specific voice and/or data needs of our clients.
  • 24/7 UAE Support – Our UAE-based expert team will be with you at every step of the way to advise, provide and maintain your connectivity. We are here to ensure that you are always connected to your customers, your people and business from wherever in the world you are.
  • Scalable solutions – Upgrading as and when additional capacity is needed is a relatively simple process, and we will be there to advise you.

For Video Conferencing Solutions, Contact Gulaga Networks

When it comes to needing video conferencing in the UAE, be sure to get in touch with Gulaga Networks. We offer a range of video conferencing packages and our expert team will help you to choose the best internet service for your business. Having provided businesses with video conferencing software for a number of years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service that we provide. At Gulaga Networks, we pride ourselves on offering a reliable and stable video conferencing services.