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Single Order Generic Ethernet access

Are you searching for a reliable broadband data connection provider that eliminates the requirement of a traditional phone line installation? SOGEA fibre broadband has emerged as a highly sought-after solution for both residential and commercial locations, delivering exceptional broadband connectivity. At Gulaga Networks, we are dedicated to assisting you in fortifying your business for the future with our expert solutions and reliable connections. SOGEA is presently being rolled out across various regions in the UAE by multiple fibre network operators. While it may not be accessible to every business, the majority of premises already have access to fibre broadband. Get in touch with Gulaga Networks today for further details and explore the possibilities!  

What Is SOGEA Broadband? 

SOGEA stands for “Single Order Generic Ethernet Access” and offers the convenience of ordering broadband without needing a phone line. This signifies a shift towards a data-only future, focusing on streamlined broadband services. It replaces traditional broadband that relies on PSTN or analogue line services, eliminating the need for a traditional copper phone line, to support your broadband connection. This is where the Single Order Ethernet solution comes into play, especially beneficial for those seeking broadband without an associated analogue telephone line. If businesses require phone call functionality, they can integrate a SIP-based phone system or a VoIP cloud-based voice service alongside their SOGEA broadband, ensuring internet access. SOGEA encompasses fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband services, with SOGFast being the G fast variant. While it utilises the existing Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology, SOGEA combines copper and fibre technologies without requiring a traditional analogue telephony connection. It provides the same high-quality FTTC broadband data and voice service that we’re accustomed to, but with simplified installation and management, reducing the effort required to get started.  

Why Should I Switch to SOGEA?

OpenReach has announced a significant transformation in the telecommunications industry, with plans to switch off the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) phone service by December 2025. The process of Stop Sell for these services across most of the UAE is scheduled for 2023, with early adopter exchanges ceasing sales as soon as June 2021. Exchange areas that enter the Stop Sell phase will experience a swift withdrawal of these legacy services. OpenReach’s decision stems from its focus on supporting Full Fibre broadband and IP-based networks, rendering it unable to sustain the outdated PSTN network that delivers analogue services. Consequently, all Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) based broadband services will no longer receive support. To understand the impact of this change and explore available options, we encourage you to reach out to Gulaga Networks. Our team can provide valuable insights and guidance on mitigating the risks associated with the WLR and ISDN switch-off. We will assess the connectivity possibilities offered by SOGEA or SOGFAST and consider the implications for your current phone system, as well as any devices such as Alarm Lines, Lift Lines, Entry phones, or other systems utilising analogue lines.  

The Benefits of SOGEA 

SOGEA was introduced to enable consumers and businesses to acquire a broadband connection without the requirement of a phone line. Opting for this broadband service offers numerous benefits compared to traditional solutions, as it streamlines the ordering process from multiple orders to a single order. With the wider availability of SOGEA, the advantages of choosing this broadband service are evident. Some of these benefits include:  

Fast and Reliable

SOGEA Broadband offers a fast and reliable internet connection, providing you with high-speed access to the online world. With advanced technology and robust infrastructure, you can enjoy smooth browsing, streaming, and downloading experiences. Whether you’re working from home, gaming, or simply browsing the web, SOGEA Broadband ensures a stable and consistent connection to all ip networks, minimising interruptions and delays.  

Easy Installation

One of the major benefits of SOGEA Broadband is its effortless installation. Unlike traditional broadband setups that necessitate both a phone line and a separate broadband connection, SOGEA Broadband eliminates the need for a separate phone line almost entirely. This simplifies the installation process and reduces overall complexity. With just a single connection, you can swiftly establish your broadband service without the inconvenience of managing extra wiring or equipment.  

Future Ready

SOGEA Broadband is designed to be future-ready, adapting to the evolving needs of the digital landscape. As technology advances and internet requirements increase, SOGEA Broadband is equipped to handle the demands of tomorrow. It supports high-speed connectivity, ensuring that you can seamlessly embrace emerging technologies such as smart homes, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. By investing in SOGEA Broadband, you can enjoy a reliable and future-proof internet connection for years to come.

Are There Drawbacks to SOGEA?

One notable distinction with SOGEA and SOGFast services is that users will no longer have access to a traditional phone number as they would with an analogue line. SOGEA does not support the connection of traditional phones to the OpenReach socket. Instead, users will need to adopt a VoIP service(Voice over Internet Protocol) or VoIP softphones to make and receive phone calls.   To ensure that your existing phone numbers are preserved, Gulaga Networks offers solutions such as SOGEA Voice or Phoneline+, which are feature-rich products that go beyond the capabilities of traditional phone lines. These user-friendly phone replacement services utilise VoIP technology to facilitate voice calls over the future-oriented fibre broadband network.   Additionally, business customers must consider that services currently reliant on the traditional phone line frequencies, such as alarms and payment terminals, will cease to function after the WLR ISDN switch-off. As a result, upgrading to IP solutions or utilising 4G/5G services becomes necessary to maintain the functionality of these services.  

Expected Speeds of SOGEA & SOGFAST

SOGEA and SOGFAST are available at various speeds to cater to the specific requirements of customers: SOGEA Broadband:
  • 40MB download speed / 10MB upload speed
  • 80MB download speed / 20MB upload speed
SOGFAST Fibre Broadband:
  • 160MB download speed / 30MB upload speed
  • 330MB download speed / 50MB upload speed
These speed options allow customers to choose the desired bandwidth that aligns with their needs, ensuring they can enjoy fast and even more reliable connections and internet connectivity.  

How Will SOGEA Affect My Business?

SOGEA can have several effects on your business. Firstly, it eliminates the need for a traditional phone line, requiring the adoption of VoIP or softphones for phone calls. This may necessitate adjustments in your communication infrastructure. Additionally, SOGEA simplifies installation and management by streamlining the setup process and reducing complexity.   With different speed options available, SOGEA allows you to choose the bandwidth that suits your business needs. Faster internet speeds can enhance productivity and support data-intensive tasks. However, it’s important to consider the impact on services relying on the phone line, such as alarms, call traffic, and payment terminals, which will require migration to IP solutions or alternative connectivity options. By embracing SOGEA, you align your business with the industry’s shift towards full-fiber broadband and IP-based networks. This future-proofs your business and offers access to advanced connectivity solutions. Consulting with a telecommunications provider like Gulaga Networks can help assess the implications for your operations and ensure a smooth transition while maximising the benefits of SOGEA.  

Why Choose Gulaga Networks to Deliver Broadband from SOGEA?

At Gulaga Networks, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient broadband connectivity for businesses. Here are some compelling reasons to choose us as your provider for SOGEA broadband services:
  • Expertise and Experience
  • Seamless Transitions
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Comprehensive Support
When delivering reliable and efficient broadband from SOGEA, Gulaga Networks is the trusted partner you can count on. Contact us today to discuss your broadband needs and discover how we can help your business thrive with our comprehensive SOGEA broadband solutions.  

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If you would like to know more, or to discuss your SOGEA requirements with our team, please do not hesitate to reach out to Gulaga Networks now! We’re here to help and we’re only a phone call away, so get in touch now! We provide our business internet services across the UAE, and whether you’re based or more, we can help! Don’t delay, our team is waiting to hear from you!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOGEA Broadband? SOGEA Broadband, which stands for “Single Order Generic Ethernet Access,” is a type of broadband connection that allows users to access high-speed internet without the need for a traditional phone line. It simplifies the ordering process by combining broadband and telephone services into one support call over a single connection. Is SOGEA the same as FTTP? No, SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) and FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) are different technologies. FTTP delivers broadband directly to your premises using fibre optic cables, while SOGEA uses copper and fibre technologies. SOGEA allows you to order broadband without a phone line, while FTTP has only one line and provides a pure fibre connection. Is SOGEA cheaper than FTTC? The combined cost of SOGEA and FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet) broadband services can vary depending on factors such as service providers and package options. Generally, SOGEA and FTTC may have similar pricing structures, but it’s best to compare offers from different providers to determine which option suits your budget and requirements. Can I get SOGEA at home? Yes, SOGEA is available for both residential and business customers. It offers an alternative broadband solution for those who prefer not to have a traditional phone line installed on business premises. You can check with your internet service provider or telecommunications company to see if SOGEA is available in your area. What speed is SOGEA? SOGEA broadband services are offered at various speeds, allowing customers to choose the bandwidth that suits their needs. Speed options may vary depending on your service provider, but typical options include 40Mbps/10Mbps, 80Mbps/20Mbps, 160Mbps/30Mbps, and 330Mbps/50Mbps. It’s recommended to check with your provider for the specific speed options available to you.