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Music or Information on hold on your phone system

Music or Information on hold is a service used in business phone systems for the purposes of keeping callers on the line. 85% of callers prefer on-hold messages to any other option. Having music on hold assures callers that they will be put in touch with another person soon, while also engaging them and making their wait more pleasant. It is an essential feature for business communications to enhance customer care and customer retention. If your phone system needs something to keep callers engaged while they are waiting for further action, and you are having trouble keeping them on the line, then music on hold from Gulaga Networks may be the right solution.

Below, we will look at how music on hold works, how it is set up, the potential applications for this feature, and the benefits of incorporating it into your organisation’s phone system.


How music or information on hold can work
As the name implies, music or information on hold ensures that when a caller is put on hold, they hear something, rather than nothing but silence. As such, music or information on hold can help your business create a more pleasant on-hold experience. The music or message used for music on hold can be customised, and this functionality can be used with almost all modern business phone systems wishing to gain some competitive advantage through:

Immediately and instantly introducing your business and representing it in a positive, and professional manner. You rarely get a second chance at making a first impression.
Outlining key information you want to convey, about the products and services you want to showcase, and any deals and offers you might want to promote.
Engaging, attracting and appealing to your callers while promoting your business and reinforcing your brand.
Informing callers during your closed hours of your opening days and hours and suggesting they might visit your website.
Interesting, engaging and perhaps even amusing your callers. A happier caller increases your likelihood of success.

Setting up music on-hold

You can set up music on hold in different ways, depending on which telephone system you are using in your business. Older phone systems may use music or info on hold by connecting a separate playback device, such as an MP3 player or CD player, from which the music is played. With modern VoIP phone systems messages and information can be directly recorded using a handset or uploaded to the cloud from computer disk drives.

The instructions of the specific phone system you are using should offer more detailed answers to this question, and never hesitate to ask the provider of the system about how to use any features on it, including music on hold.

Applications for music on hold

Music and Info on-hold is widely considered an essential tool for any organisations that frequently has hold times for inbound calls coming their way. It is used to minimise the frustration or confusion that a customer may feel when they are waiting for someone else to get on the other side of the line.

Music or info on hold can be used any time you expect the caller to have to wait for any period. For instance, it can play when a customer is put on hold so that they can be transferred or forwarded to another call recipient on the system. It can also be used if callers have to be queued. Some phone systems can also allow you to replace the ringtone with music on call, so that any incoming callers hear music after dialing the number of the business.

The benefits of using music or information on hold
The primary purpose of music on hold is to stop callers from hanging up when they are put on hold, which may result in lost business opportunities. But how does it do that? For a more detailed answer, let’s look more closely at the benefits of music on hold:

  • The caller’s perception of time is different: Unfortunately, we cannot always get in touch with our callers as quickly as we would like. However, we can try to minimise the waiting time. Silence, or “dead air” during a call can work negatively on the caller’s perception of time, making the time feel longer than it actually is. On the other hand, occupying their minds and engaging their ears can have the opposite effect. Two minutes on the line with nothing but silence can feel like five minutes, whereas it might feel like one minute if the caller has music or pertinent information to keep their attention.
  • It assures the caller that they will be addressed: The silence that normally comes when a caller is put on hold can be confusing. It is not unreasonable for a customer to think that the call has ended, or that they have simply been forgotten if they have to wait for too long. Music on hold keeps the line audibly active, so that the caller knows they are still connected. As such, they are less likely to hang up.
  • It can make the call a more positive experience: Music affects our psychology. This fact can be used to great effect with a music on hold system. For instance, if a caller is calling a customer service line with a complaint, helping them stay calm and rational can make it easier for your team to offer them better service. Calming music can help get them in the right mindset. Research has found that popular pop songs, and covers of such songs, are more effective at creating a positive experience for callers than, for instance, elevator music or monotonous melodies.
  • Music can address the anxiety of being put on hold: Some people will be anxious or irritated when they call, especially if the call is a serious one. While no-one likes being put on hold, having music for them to listen to can help manage that anxiety, which can reduce their urge to hang up. Having varied music to play for them, largely uninterrupted by messages, is considered the best approach for creating a calming audio environment while a caller is waiting to be put through to someone on the other end.
    For an overall more pleasant on-hold experience, eliminating the silence is key. It can help establish the mood of the call, manage anxiety, and ensure customers they are on the right line.

Is it time to incorporate music or information on hold into your phone system?
If you need a music or information on hold solution, then Gulaga Networks can help. We have assisted organisations of all sizes and types in establishing the phone system and communication systems that they need. Get in touch with us today, and our friendly team would be delighted to help you start improving the on-hold experience for your callers.