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In order to offer affordable, secure, and scalable IT AMC in Dubai, Gulaga Networks has assembled a team of friendly, highly experienced personnel. You can access a variety of services, from outsourcing single element support to comprehensive infrastructure updates, with the help of our quick and dependable IT AMC Services and Solutions.

For businesses all around Dubai, we customize our IT AMC solutions (to scale and budget) whether it be for system security, support, or maintenance. Our IT expertise are used by clients from many sectors, including the public, commercial, manufacturing, and leisure industries, to manage an effective and proactive work environment.


Features of an AMC Service Agreement


Firewall Installation is an essential component of modern cybersecurity infrastructure

Guaranteed 10-minute response time for expert support

our expert engineers work on your IT issues within 10 minutes

24/7 Monitoring and fully managed IT support

Our professional team monitoring your IT network, to ensure lasting efficiency and quick solutions whenever required.

Pro-active Maintenance and Monitoring

We proactively apply patches, updates and fixes in the background, so you don’t have to wait for actual issues arise.

IT Manager and Dedicated Engineer Support

With our IT AMC solutions, a dedicated manager and engineer ensures that all your legal and regulatory requirements as well as responsibilities are met to avoid any future risk to you or your business.

Cybersecurity and IT Policies

We implement a system-side security strategy to protect your IT business network from security risks such as malware, spam, intrusion, etc.

Data backup and recovery

Our IT AMC solutions ensure year around backup and recovery services that are tailored to your business scale and data requirements.