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Gulaga Networks can help you improve communication between healthcare professionals and end users to deliver better, faster, more convenient care and support.

Delivering better patient outcomes within ever-tightening budgets is the key challenge facing the healthcare sector in the UAE.

Key challenges found with many healthcare telecoms environments are:

  • Lack of integration with telephony & nurse call systems
  • Excessive wait time for inbound calls to be answered
  • Missed appointments which increase wait times and lose practices money
  • No queuing or routing so reception has to handle all calls for doctors, nurses, enquiries and appointments
  • Patients route to voicemail and are given an alternative out of hours number instead of being routed to appropriate persons
  • No record of nuisance or abusive calls


Finding more innovative and cost-effective ways to use resources and information is key. Gulaga works with healthcare providers to eliminate the pain points in healthcare delivery by utilising new innovations and the latest technologies, and maximising value from infrastructure.


Gulaga specialises in providing communications and connectivity solutions for surgeries, hospitals and clinics. We provide ethical and honest advice based on our assessments of staff productivity and your existing patient experience. We will then work closely with you to tailor a solution that is bespoke to your exact requirements, to provide a system that can help you to further enhance patient care, reduce operational costs and increase staff productivity.

One Stop Shop

We offer a complete healthcare communication solution for patients, residents, nurses/carers and management. Integrating nurse call, nurse notification, telephony applications along with IP and DECT wireless handsets offers a one stop solution for all healthcare environments such as Assisted Living, Long Term Care and Acute Care facilities.

In many cases differing technologies are supplied by different suppliers. They are sometimes connected to each other but mostly not fully integrated. Healthcare & Care home staff depend on different suppliers and support staff to manage a partially integrated solution, leading to delays in delivering care.

Gulaga addresses this challenge by providing a real one stop shop solution for the complete care communications system, including nurse call, notification and telephony. A truly integrated solution resulting in faster response times by nursing staff; accurate logging and recording of all events; and one single point of contact for technical support who can remotely access call units, the notification server and the phone system in order to program, diagnose or change any settings.


The flexible topology makes it possible to implement into new construction or renovation, potentially making optimal use of existing cable infrastructure. All types of call units can be combined into a single system, be they Wired or Wireless, monitored or standard.

Designed according to open standards, complying with the VDE 834-1 and 834-2 standards, this offers a very flexible integration capabilty over IP. Utilizing Ethernet infrastructure the nurse call system is based on a distributed architecture. In many cases the sytsem can be built on your existing wiring from your old nurse call system.

Installation can be done room by room, minimizing disruption to patients and staff alike. All Local Bus modules are individually and remotely programmed via browser and can be set up as master or slave. A unit can be defined as any kind of room, bed or bathroom unit, with any type of regular or emergency call. units can be added very easily to the system, just by defining them via browser. Call units can be defined today for a specific type of room unit with the ability to change its purpose in a future retrofitting or restructure.


Voice Communication is carried over a standard SIP protocol, with it being possible to register every call unit as an extension on the SIP server. The care staff can communicate handsfree with the resident from any telephone unit to learn the reason for the room call as quickly as possible.

In combination with an IP or Digital Handset in the residents or patients rooms carers and nurses can know immediately the reason behind the room call, using only a one touch command on their DECT phone.

VOIP, Digital or analogue phones can be deployed to meet specific room needs.

Mobile Devices

For mobile residents, wireless pendants and bracelets can be provided with optional location identification for wanderer detection. The wireless call pendants or bracelets are completely waterproof and can be equipped with location or wanderer detection and cancel functionality. Stand alone location beacons are available which  can also detect the location of a call.

Nurses are moving around the premises constantly. To enable rapid response times, nurses can be equipped with wireless DECT handsets offering extensive capability in terms of call overview, e.g. different alert tones, extended display information, different notification rules depending on time of day and an emergency burtton to alert colleagues.

Optimize Alarm Messaging

The solution collects alarms from any other fire detection, alarm or other nurse call system. It can collect alarms using TCP/ IP, RS232, with Espa 4.4.4. or Espa-X, or dry contacts.

Various alert scenarios can be programmed depending on the time of day using different types of profiles for different types of receivers. It notifies single or multiple users of Dect or Wifi handsets, pagers and smartphones, offering the complete range of messaging capabilities to any device.

Full Control

Speed of reaction time is very important. A broad range of nurse desk units utilizing IP Touch units, Touch screen PCs or corridor displays can be deployed. Through the messaging solution notification server, any nurse can be alerted anywhere on any device, according to time of day.

The complete integration of all components in the total care communication plan enables the system to register and request various elements, such as time and type of call, assistance, cancellation and so on, providing a detailed summary of relevant data, time and call types per patient or resident and by nurse.

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