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Dynamic Business Internet Features with Fiber Internet Connectivity

The modern business environment often entails a complex IT infrastructure that supports a variety of business priorities. Whether your company requires connections for remote workers, shared data access, or cloud-based applications, business internet plans with fiber internet provide the fastest, most reliable connection. These plans also offer their business customers additional features beyond residential plans that give you immediate solutions when your business needs them. 

Business internet plans offer you the same speed advantages that residential fiber internet connections receive, but an internet service provider like United Communications provides cutting-edge communications tools to ensure your business stays connected: 


Whether you are a small professional services company or a multi-location regional manufacturer, you can still access today’s most advanced communications solutions. One of the most essential features of business internet connections is greater network reliability than residential plans. With additional tools to protect your connection, a business internet plan can help prevent disruptions to operations and productivity. Additionally, choosing fiber internet will provide the fastest upload and download speeds at the most consistent rates.  

Dedicated Connection

Many internet service providers supply their business customers with communications solutions such as static IP addresses and dedicated internet access (DIA) tools that create more private, stable connections. Business internet packages with static IP addresses better support your company’s IT infrastructure and make it easy for remote workers to sign in and access data or share applications. United Communications offers business internet plans with DIA to create private connections that optimize your bandwidth to get consistent speed with your fiber internet plan.  

Technical support

Running your business has enough challenges, and technical support should not be one of them. With a business internet plan from a company like United Communications, you’ll be partnering with a technical support team that understands the configuration of your business and can resolve problems swiftly. Additionally, as a local internet service provider, United Communications provides personal attention that leads to the highest ratings of business relationship satisfaction. You’ll avoid costly disruptions to your productivity with a business internet partner who ensures you stay connected and have immediate access to customer support.

United Communications is a local leader in business internet packages.

One of the first fiber internet providers in the area, United Communications is a local internet service provider bringing the most sophisticated communications tools to small and mid-sized businesses in Middle Tennessee. With customizable business internet plans, you can make the most of your fiber internet connection and the range of features available to business customers. 

If you’re ready to switch to United Communications, they’re ready to partner with you! They offer a contract buyout program when you move your business phone and internet services to United. For small to mid-sized businesses, call 04 222 5592 to talk to a Business Representative or click here to learn more about Contract Buyout. 


Gulaga Networks doesn’t provide standard pricing on its services because each project is customized to the client. Our prices remain competitive because we’re based in Kingston, Ontario, which is a small city of about 120,000 people. The most significant cost variables are the length of fiber optic cable installed and the amount of fiber optic splicing. Other factors include testing and the cost of additional equipment like switches.