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Which manufacturers devices are 3CX compatible phones?

If you are considering the 3CX VoIP system as your business phone solution, it is important to understand which office phones are supported by the 3CX PBX. 3CX is an open standards, cloud or on premise PBX that works with most of popular SIP trunk providers and IP phones.

Although most IP phones can be manually configured nowadays, state of the art software solutions like the 3CX VoIP system offer plug & play configuration for many popular IP phones.

As such, it is worth considering the key 3CX compatible phones.

Three world leading brands are recommended as the most supported  3CX compatible IP phones. These manufacturers work closely with 3CX to ensure firmware and software release compatibility in both the pre release stage, and post deployment

Yealink is a leader in Unified Communications and collaborative solutions, specialising in a wide range of voice and video conferencing IP devices.

Fanvil offers a large choice of SIP desk phones from entry-level to high-end IP phones, including three product series V, X and H,

Snom phones can be used in home offices, small and midsized businesses, as well as larger organisations. Included are innovative fixed and wireless IP phones, DECT handsets, headsets and conferencing units.

Features of a 3CX compatible phone to look for:

Most modern devices offer basic functions, some advanced features and a level of customization.

These include:

  • Standard keypad dial keys
  • Voicemail, Transfer, Hold, DND, Mute and Redial keys
  • Volume adjustment
  • Speaker phone
  • Headset key to automatically switch
  • Menu and navigation keys for configuration of settings (Sound, Call forwarding, Time & Date, Display etc.)
  • Call History
  • Access to a company phone book
  • BLF Display Keys
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and a USB port


Specific 3CX compatible phones recommended and supported by Gulaga Networks:

Yealink IP Range:

  • Yealink T53, T53C, T53W, T54W, T57W
  • Yealink T4 Series: T42S, T46S/U, T48S/U
  • Yealink T3 Series: T30P, T31P/G, T33P/G
  • Yealink W60 W70, W80, W90 (DECT phone)

Fanvil IP Phones:

  • Fanvil V62, V64 and V65
  • Fanvil X and XU series: X210, X7, X6, X5, X4, X3, X2, X1
  • Fanvil Hotel Series: H2, H3 and H5

Snom Devices:

  • Snom D8 Series: D862, D865
  • Snom D7 Series: D715, D735, D785
  • Snom D3 Series: D315, D385 and others
  • Snom M300, M400, M900

As well as 3CX compatible phones, several IP Door phones, PA Systems, Intercom and Conference units can be integrated and supported:

  • Fanvil doorphones – i10S, i20S, i31S, i56A, i61 and PA2
  • Grandstream PA speakers – GSC35 Series: 3505 and 3510
  • Grandstream Doorphones GDS37 Series: 3705 and 3710
  • The Snom C520 WiMi Conference phone
  • Yealink CP925 and CP965 Conference phones

Beyond the recommended 3CX compatible phones other brands and models are supported. Unfortunately as many of these are now End of Life (EOL) then the phone manufacturers don’t maintain firmware levels making it difficult to test and verify against each 3CX release.

If you have questions regarding Gigabit, Grandstream, HTEK, Polycom, older Yealink, Fanvil and SNOM models then contact Gulaga Networksand we can advise as to 3CX compatibility of these phones.

Are there 3CX compatible analogue phones?

It is possible to use an analogue phone device with a VoIP telephone system, such as 3CX. You can use an ATA adapter. An ATA adapter allows you to connect into an ethernet network jack into the adapter and then connect the phone into the adapter. Your old phone will appear to the 3CX VoIP phone system software as a regular SIP phone.

The best advice is to check with Gulaga Networks first to make sure your phone is 3CX compatible and supported. Make sure they are newer generation and likely to be provided with software updates for an extended period of time, to ensure testing and compatibility with 3CX. Gulaga Networks can guide you on the most compatible 3CX phone to align with your business goals.